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Here are the brands, and their award-winning products, that have freshly hit the Arcadium store.

HMM Projects

Humanistic approach to design

HMM Projects

HMM Projects makes life flow into designs using a subtle approach.

The brand showcases work that draws inspiration from future lifestyles and bestows new meanings on daily supplies to make it humane. They curate products that are not only functional but breathe life into the design. Select materials and skilled craftsmanship go into the classic daily life products they create.

HMM Project’s Products we host


We host four beautiful products from the brand that has the most humanistic approach to creating designs.

Mugr - Mugr is the spotlight product though, a sturdy beverage holder made of Japanese ceramic and walnut wood. It has been through 11 artisanal processes, which makes it just perfect.

Scissors – A scissors, which is also a box cutter. Yes, this tool is 2-in-1 and switches shape and utility with just a flip. It is made using Japanese steel and Taiwanese craftsmanship and comes with a magnetic base for easy showcase.

Patio – Coffee brewing just got better with atio. The truncated cone and ridges of the product perfectly balance the airflow and water speed. Helps prevent the beginner’s mistake of over extracting coffee flavors.

W Glass Amber – The glass symbolizes the cycle of life via the hours of a clock put as the twelve elegant angles. This is just as beautiful as the look of the glass. It is made using recycled glass from a spring pool and put together by the local Taiwanese craftsmen.  


A homage to the Apple products


Mujjo, a safe haven for Apple fans is here to revolutionize the mobile accessory market with its “smart couture factor”.

Mujjo created a happy place for the Apple fans by creating upmarket accessories for their products. The brand is based out of Amsterdam and is known for selling leather iPhone cases, MacBook sleeves and touchscreen gloves.

Mujjo’s Products we host - Full leather wallet case for iPhone 13 and 13 pro


Mujjo’s products only enhance the charisma of Apple products, a winning combination is how the brand addresses its phone case collection. We have the full leather wallet case for iPhone 13 and 13 pro listed under the brand Mujjo.

The wallets are both super convenient as they have a leather pouch at the back, to hold 2 or 3 cards. You can also choose to safely tuck in some banknotes in the case that is made up of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. These cases do well with most wireless chargers including MagSafe.

Skyline Chess

Discover Iconic Cities Through A Timeless Game

Skyline Chess

Skyline Chess uses the core principles of architecture to build their sets - allowing the products to be miniature masterpieces.

Skyline Chess aims to merge impeccable design and gamesmanship by curating beautiful sets inspired by great cities. The brand is a believer of selective materials and meticulous detailing.

Skyline Chess’s Product – Skyline Playing Cards - London

The novel deck of cards brings the London aura to your game. It includes 13 iconic landmarks of London, printed on smooth playing card stock. The cards come in a nice black, premium tuck box. The best part is, you can put the cards in a reverse manner and in a certain way, which would create the aerial map of London.

Stay tuned, as we already have a bunch of new Skyline Chess products planned for future.


The work/play station you deserve


The brand redefines our relationship with everyday objects by using emotive design, tactile materials & sustainability in everything we do.

NEVER ODD OR EVEN is driven by the commitment to building a forward-thinking, design & sustainability-focused modern luxury global brand. Made To celebrate creative progress and propel creative work by producing high-quality products for the new work/life paradigm - distributed, flexible & atypical.

NOOE’s Products

NOOE Products

NOOE’s maiden collection rile has just the products you would want to show off. The first series consists of 5 products – exhibit desk organizer, suede desk rug, hands-on mobile stand, wire governor, and anywhere laptop stand, just what you need to add the luxe aesthetics to your workplace.

Hooper of York

Experience The Best Of The Roaring 20's 

Hooper of York

F.E.Hooper’s adventure stories brought Hooper products to life with an idea that the past can always be relived.

Hooper is a timeless barware brand combining modern lines with art-deco details. Inspired by the travels of explorer F.E.Hooper; who spent the 1920’s exploring and hosting galas. The hostware collection is finished with a lasting gunmetal coating, gold accents and Victorian greens.

Hooper of York’s Products

Hooper of York Bartool Roll up Set

We have all your bar essentials sorted, finely made, neatly packed, and aesthetically designed. Choose from our collection of shot glasses, julep glasses, wide metallic straws, apron, or bartools roll-up set. There’s more, we also have your gifting needs sorted with luxury gifting options available.

Arcadium – The design studio

Designs and narratives are the absolute tie-breaker for us. We at Arcadium are mesmerized by quintessential innovative design products with a unique concept. We are building the perfect e-commerce store aka the design studio where every product you would come across, is a masterpiece. You would come across some amazing award-winning products from the global brands, that are obsessively picked. Cheers to the love for innovative design products.