Artists are always on a move to find inspiration and take recluse in any place that fosters one. While the theory is, it is often the odd places and situations that flare up some impeccable ideas, nunna’s unique covers help ‘create’ a bubble where inspiration can flourish. nuuna’s vision is to propel ideas, by being one itself. Come let’s view art, from nunna’s lens and sketch out nunna’s vision, above and beyond our personal art piece.

Notebooks That Have an Idea Themselves

NUUNA Notebooks

nuuna brings forth a passion for creativity and design. They merge the traditional bookbinding techniques with some special materials and innovative finishing techniques. They preach sustainability and walk the talk.

For your daily notebook companion, nuuna commits to creating notebooks with a unique story behind each one.  

NUUNA Graphic L Notebook (London & Paris)

The illustrator Jan Paul Mueller's art, the city motif runs around this book, including the edges.

NUUNA Graphic L Notebook

Travel to the most romantic city from the comfort of your bed.

This special edition Paris/London graphic notebook is crafted using soft recycled leather and silver matt screen printing. This book makes you feel you can never get enough of going on city trips and compels you to take one if you haven’t already.

NUUNA Not White L Notebook

Comes with a white gel pen, to scribble through the unconventional grey/black paper notebook.

Not White Notebook by NUUNA

The elastic anti-handbag leather strap secures your phone and pen.

Accelerate yourself into an idea-generating machine through this special edition notebook. It is made using recycled leather and silver matt screen printing as well. This book is meant for people who are constantly looking through things for a change. Trying to change your usual writing habits? This not white notebook has grey/black colored pages and comes with a white gel pen and elastic strap that is sure to get you out of your comfort zone.

NUUNA Composition L Notebook Splash

The cover is made using jeans label material and is covered with artistic printing.

NUUNA Composition L Notebook Splash

The cover of the notebook is said to get even better and appealing over time.

With a splash-like illusion on the cover, the notebook helps you bridge the gap between illusions and reality. Use this book with inspiration to keep track of every dream you see with a belief that dreams come true.   

NUUNA Graphic L OX

The pink color OX graphics printed on the cover reminds us of Toulouse, the pink city in France.

NUUNA Graphic L OX

The softcover of the notebook is made from recycled leather and silver matt screen printing that keeps you inspired day in, day out.

The idea behind nuuna Graphic OX is just unique, “blink the brutal reality away and take the edge off with a magical wink”. We guess this summarizes it all perfectly. The common properties include – smooth recycled leather, format L, 3.5 mm grey dot grid for writing and sketching, and 256 pages 120 g premium paper.

NUUNA Graphic L Moon

You can daydream while scribbling on the notebook with Moon on the cover.

NUUNA Graphic L Moon

Every idea is a moonshot with this softcover notebook.

This book just makes everything better by bringing the moon on the notebook. This book will keep you inspired day in and day out. The common properties include – smooth recycled leather, format L, 3.5 mm grey dot grid for writing and sketching, and 256 pages 120 g premium paper.

Color Code Ready

Colors Affect Mood

When it comes to a pure art form (not the wordsmith but the doodling, scribbling, painting artist) color code is a big thing. Colors have an impact, higher than we would expect. It alters our perception in the pretext of our taste, how we perceive people, and our performance and so much more.

Color psychology syncs with art. Red is a bold and attention-seeking color while white is just so refreshing. Black portrays power, sexiness, and mysteriousness, while blue makes us feel safe. Grey is the visual of subtlety and yellow well, we often stumble across happy people, who more often than not, choose to wear yellow.

This takes us back to the nunna graphics and innovation. The colors they choose for their notebook each have a theory that flows from the books and into our ideas. The excellent features of the notebooks, including not white pages in grey and black, are the validation.

The brand’s theory - “Our purpose; to consistently interpret each book in a brand-new way. Our inspiration comes from the things we love most: architecture, fashion, literature, art and design. So expect a clear idea behind every design. At times they’re loud, at other times quiet, but never boring, and always well thought out. The book covers are carefully produced using a silk-screen printing, resulting in intense colours, or an effective metallic embossing process.”

The Irresistible Charisma of Being Nerdy 


Being unforgettably nerdy or charismatically artistic, some people make us skip a heartbeat or two with their art. Some evergreen characters make our skin prickle with nostalgia, and find stealing a peek of them now and then.

The smartest Gryffindor, we obsess over Hermione. Her words still echo in our minds - "It's leviOsa, not levioSA!” A book nerd who channels her bravery from books and can save nearly everyone with access to a library. A wordsmith indeed.

Frictional characters somewhat seem dreamy isn’t it, which brings us back to Jack Dawson. The star character of Titanic, a drifter trying to make it out there and maybe make a win with some charm. Sounds like a modern-day artist, quite relatable right? Putting all the efforts together, we try to do what we can and somewhat make mastery out of our craft.


This is where nuuna notebooks come for the rescue, and serve us with the help we need. We can channel the inspiration that they put into each book. You can be the next big thing, hitting headlines and going viral, you never know. *wink*