VRS Design is one of the well-to-do brands perhaps taking a shot at impeccable innovation and acing it eventually. Their products are one of a kind and instantly appeal to many people. Not to forget mentioning, VRS Design products are made to amplify the sense of touch, a tactile pleasure. For mobile accessory fanatics, VRS Design products are made for you. 

VRS Design Products are Just Meant to be Felt

VRS Design Products

VRS Design is a South Korean gadget accessory company. A pioneer and trendsetter in the mobile accessories industry. They emphasize stylishness and practicality in high-quality packages.

Contemporary Design – Core design principle of VRS Design is to attain a breakthrough in terms of innovation, every time they launch a new product. The principle stays intact with the common idea of ensuring mobile and accessories owners are not barred from the device’s usability and convenience.

Quality Construction – Materials used to manufacture VRS Design products are the finest and carefully picked. They incorporate intricate detailing, and overlook every phase of the production process, to ensure everything is of prime quality.

Global Community – Born out of South Korea, the brand calls 50 countries their home, where they ship their products. The sprawling customer base from across the world signifies the brand is a leader in the market for mobile accessories.

History Down the Lane for VRS Design

VRS Design

VRS Design was initially named Verus, Latin for the work ‘true’, and founded in the year 2004, as a specialized brand for Apple, Samsung, and other smartphone accessories. The brand pursued a complete rebranding initiative in the year 2016, to ensure the brand is named after its thereby expanded corporate philosophy and product expansion. They adopted the name VRS Design and insignia to better satisfy their target demographic of professionals.

The brand grew beyond expectations, making an appearance in almost 50 countries to date, and there is no stopping them. The brand has expanded to include accessories, both iOS and Android-compatible products. Their main motto being – quality and design above all else, they oversee all the phases of production followed by an inspection. This is the quality assurance the users get and absolutely drool over, as the brand efficiently satisfies the standards of international and local audiences.

Best Selling VRS Design Products

VRS Design is the Future Of Innovative Tech. What’s unique about the products is the textures and materials used in the manufacturing process. Here are some luxury products from the brand we recommend.

Damda Wallet Luxury Glide

Semi-automatic butter-like glide wallet lets you tap open and access your cards in a go.

Damda Wallet Luxury Glide

Carry your sensitive card in style with safety

The damda wallet luxury glide is the wallet to have. This is an alternative to the conventional products sold in the market Damda Glide is made to style up with the right amount of protection to your cards containing sensitive information. It comes with RFID Blocking/Boosting Card, Slim PU Leather to fit small cards, and a Pouch Neck Strap.

iPhone 11 Damda Glide Shield Sandstone / iPhone 11 Pro Damda Glide Shield Sandstone

Lightweight and semi-automatic sliding technology iPhone 11 and 11 Pro case that snuggles your phone.

iPhone 11 Damda Glide Shield Sandstone

TPU material used in manufacturing ensures extreme drop protection.

The Damda slide shield for your iPhone 11 and 11 Pro protects your cards and your phone. Semi-automatic glide functionality gives you easy access to your cards and lets you store up to 2 cards and some cash. The design of the product is slim and minimalist, which fits about right, in your pocket. The material is also resistant to stains, fingerprints, and scratches for daily protection.

AirTag Case Cover

Secure your AirTag with this thoughtful case built to amplify protection.

AirTag Case Cover

The heavy-duty carabiner that this case comes with makes it easy to carry your AirTag anywhere.

A luxurious and rugged quality product that can easily snap on and off and fits flawlessly, while being travel friendly. It surrounds the entire surface of the AirTag, and ensures utmost protection even from any shocks and drops. The materials protect the AirTag from damage and stains and keep it working around the clock.

AirPods Pro Case Modern Sand Stone

Brace your AirPods with the modern sandstone case that is made to stand out.

Airpods Pro Case Modern Sand Stone

The sandstone feels so good that you will want to touch it all day long.

The optimized sleek design of the product provides all-around protection, with a high level of durability. It keeps your AirPod’s original Pro premium-quality look intact and tops it off with the splendid and luxurious texture of Sandstone, which also boosts your style. The product comes with a genuine leather strap, which ensures increased daily portability.

Is VRS Design Worth the Hype?

Owning expensive things releases dopamine, as it makes oneself or someone else happy. Luxury shoppers love to be in the power of spending big and to make a purchase decision based on exclusivity, rarely found, and quality products. VRS Design is one of the brands that falls into this category. They have products that are a perfect blend of utility and luxe looks.

Brand loyalty and the confidence a brand’s fanbase has are real. Many brands have built cult-following, who are brand evangelists for life and VRS Design is one worthy of a brand. Other facts that fuel VRS Design products purchase decisions are – the products are authentic, socially acceptable, and worth the investment.