We are building Arcadium to fuel our obsession with a gratified shopping experience. Shooting for an obsession, each one of us manifests a specific trait or characteristic which exhibits a unique persona.

Reminds us of the classic sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S. –  the neat freak, odd guitar player, lover of fine things, accountant turned copywriter, the one into academics, and the guy who likes cool toys. We know, we know, you got the guesses spot-on right. We are so much in love with the characters and their unique personality (unless someone barges in saying OH MY GAAAWD, oh shoot, we aren’t really a fan of Janice’s nasally crackle, are we?)

Each one of us is deeply into something, “our thing”. Using the obsession while selecting a gift for someone is thoughtful gifting in perfect spirit. 

For any occasion that calls for a celebration and gifting, we have a gift guide that will help you make a call.

The Workaholics – Orbitkey Desk Mat

Someone who can never really have enough of work, ‘cause they just love what they do.

Orbitkey Desk Mat

A clever solution to organize and optimize your workspace.

A desk mat, that does its job of organizing work essentials, just about right. This desk mat comes with a magnetic cable holder to keep your cables in place, alongside a document hideaway for loose papers (secret spy mode on). Materials used to manufacture this product are premium vegan leather and 100% recycled PET felt, an environmentally conscious product indeed.

This product is made to last, as it protects your table from scratches, stains, and spills. Thanks to the premium vegan leather that is durable, water-repellent, and can be easily wiped clean. With the desk mat set out on your workstation, you’d create a clutter-free zone that actually increases productivity.

OCPDs Who Obsess Over Organization – Key Organizer

We have the organization game sorted through Orbitkey (a brand we host), with a motive of – clever organization for better living.

Key Organizer

Transform your keys into a neat and silent stack.

This product can stack up a maximum of 7 keys via the award-winning and secure locking mechanism. So, the keys are easily accessible. Additionally, you can hang your car keys and fobs on the D-ring that is elegantly designed.

There is more to the product than its functionality. The organizer is super stylish and is made up of high-quality top grain leather. The leather is tested and known to withstand the test of time. It is lightly coated to facilitate the durability factor, yet not compromise on the gleaming look of natural leather. There are many variants of the product available with us, that you should definitely check out. The 2 years warranty is so much of a cherry on the top. Guess what, you can now carry your keys without scratching your phones or other pocket belongings.

Writers, Poets, and Artists – Not White Notebook

We dream at night, then there are daydreamers who scribble through their notebooks all night long.

Not White Notebook

The perfect alternative to a mainstream white paper journal

Alas, a product for the creators out there, with a unique appeal. Not white nuuna notebook is a black papered notebook that stands true to its name. It is a change to the regular writing habits as you would choose a white gel pen to scribble over the black paper, a change that does a lot more good in terms of creativity.

The notebook comes with an elastic strap known as an anti-handbag elastic strap. It holds a pen and a smartphone, securing them well as they often get lost among other items in a handbag. The paper quality of the notebook is premium, and the cover is made up of recycled leather.

Mixology Fan – 5 Piece Bar Set

An offering from a brand that brings the adventure from the vintage era.

5 Piece Bar Set

The go-to bar tool kit for cocktail making.

The perfect kit for people who fancy cocktails, the newbies, and pros mixologists alike. This barware kit has a Boston Shaker (2 pcs), Hawthrone Strainer, Japanese Jigger, and Bar spoon that doubles as a muddler. This classic gifting option is made up of stales steels and beautifully plated with gunmetal.

Using the kit to create some iconic cocktails, some of the drinks we suggest are Manhattans, Negronis, and Margaritas. The set is perfect to build your bar cabinet from scratch or to upgrade it with premium products. We can sense top-notch bartender skills taking pace already.

Techie – Damda Wallet Case Luxury Glide

We say each one of us has a techie hidden within us, a lover of technology and tech induced accessories. After all, we are all in for some pleasure.

Damda Wallet Case Luxury Glide

Luxurious semi-automatic glide with RFID Boosting and Block Card.

People who are into tech would sure love the damda wallet case luxury glide. This case comes with an RFID card and a slim PU leather pouch and has a semi-automatic sliding door. It lets you store and carry up to 6 cards and add some charms, lanyards, and key chains to the convenient strap. 

The RFID boosting side facilitated efficient scanning of proximity cards, while the blocking side shields theft. This product is indeed a winner in terms of style and functionality, as the semi-automatic door is just so smooth and easy to use.

Discover Award-Winning Design Products

Award-Winning Design Products

We believe there is an offbeat bliss in discovering record-smashing lifestyle design. For the joy of discovery, we build Arcadium and host the coolest global brands. Brands that help you elevate your design game. The brands we choose are one of a kind and best in what they do, and hence have a list of awards safely tucked in their closet

Our products are carefully picked, and grouped under product categories that specifically cater to lifestyle curation. Our product categories include Carry, Create, Host, Ritual, and Gifting, and we are all set to expand the current bandwidth. . 

Our e-commerce platform gives you an arcade-like shopping experience, a one-of-a-kind store, with a narrow list of products that are consciously picked. We care about design and for all the culture savants out there, here is Arcadium for you, for creators by creators.