Modern nomad’s love for dear nature makes us scour for items that are innovative, yet sustainable. We care deeply for the planet we live in and this makes us mindful shoppers, even while considering a gift. Eco-friendly gifting is a challenge though, products on the move essentially trigger a lot of waste and plastic. This feels just right to pursue brands that stepped up to the call of sustainability. We got to give back to the planet, the only place we call our home.

Green Products for People Who Love Nature

Millennials and Generation Z account for 85 percent of the consumer base from the luxury industry. Guess what they care about, besides the fact that owning fine things is their guilty pleasure? Environment. Their purchase decisions rely on a brand’s CSR, and the measures they take towards sustainability. Here are some sustainable brands we host, and their amazing sustainably curated products.

W Amber by HMM Project

An environmentally conscious product that is 100% recyclable and was created by local Taiwanese craftsmen.

W Amber by HMM Project

W Glass transforms the hours of a clock into twelve elegant angles, symbolizing the cycle of life.

Our absolute favorite, HMM Project is a unique brand on a unique mission. HMM reads as Human-Mechanic-Method, where it puts “human” before anything. The brand breathes life into its design, and we are so proud to host them.

HMM utilizes recycled glass collected by Taiwan’s largest glass recycling center, Spring Pool, to create the 100% recyclable W Glass. The product’s innovation, besides the design philosophy, is spot on. The W Amber uses the glass-dyeing technique to give unique colors, creating one-of-a-kind aesthetics through the inter-reaction of the glass, light and contained beverage. 

Julep Glasses with Straws by Hooper of York

The steel gunmetal finish of the glass is quite the sight, topped with metallic straws that makes it a masterpiece.

Julep Glasses with Straws by Hooper of York

Bring the classy aura to your bar cabinet with signature Julep glasses 310ml, Set of 2 glasses and metallic straws.

The metallic straws are made up of stainless steel which makes them reusable. They are the perfect alternative to the not so sustainable plastic strawsThis steel gunmetal finish cup and metallic straws are both made up of stainless steel and make a perfect luxury sustainable gifting product. Cheers to being socially conscious and gifting creatively.

Zenlet Cache by Zenlet

The Nano micro-suction pad of the cache has millions of nano-sized suction cups, to adhere to any flat surface.

Zenlet Cache by Zenlet

Say goodbye to bulky wallets and hello to Zenlet cache that lets you instantly load in cards and banknotes.

The 3 mm thick accessory comes with a new type of polymer material loaded with special nano micro-suction, that lets it stick to every flat surface like phone cases, wallets, and more. This polymer material is new in its category and contains no glues. There are millions of nano-sized suction cups on the surface of the pad, which create a large vacuum and stick finely to the surface. The wallet is made up of vegan leather, the sustainable substitute for its counterpart.

Voyager M Notebook by nuuna

The stylish cover strap of the notebook secures your ideas, phone, and pen.

Voyager M Notebook by nuuna

A creation from Germany, this product takes you on a voyage through your best ideas.

The sustainable part you ask, well the cover of the notebook is made up of soft recycled leather. This is an intelligently sustainable material, specially sourced as the purpose to serve the standards of high quality. Leather production cutouts go into the manufacturing of the Voyager M’s cover that is flexible, durable, and feels like genuine leather.

Rainbow Barware Set by TrueBrands

The rainbow finish of the product makes it look like a showpiece, besides letting you level up your mixology game.

Rainbow Barware Set by TrueBrands

The 5 products of the set – shaker, jigger, strainer, and spoon are topped with an oil slick finish, a luxury coating.

You can as well choose from the gunmetal finish barware set, a color variant of the set. All the items of the kit are made up of stainless steel that is 100% recyclable, lasts long, and is the perfect alternative for throwaway products. Stainless steel has almost minimal impact on the environment.

Shout-Out To Coffee Lovers

An adorable coffee brewer made up of ceramic, that creates a perfect brew and comes with a brewing guide.

Patio By HMM Projects

Patio is minimal, classic, beginner-friendly, and makes pour-over easy and agreeable.

Wonder why it is a special shoutout? Patio is one spotlight-worthy product you can buy for someone, also a fair square product you can treat yourself with. A product that is sustainable to the core, as it is made up on ceramic. The coffee junkie within you would be screaming with joy, when the patio balances the airflow and water speed of the brew via its truncated cone and ridges. All the beginners out there, you would no longer be over extracting coffee flavors with scalding hot water. There, there, we got your back!

NOOE – Never Odd Or Even


We feel responsible for mother nature and our planet likewise. Before building the luxury retail brand Arcadium, we launched our signature brand NOOE – Never Odd Or Even. NOOE is where modern design meets conscious consumption, aiming for a philanthropic contribution to the environment. Each action of our design process & supply chain is carefully planned to produce minimal waste & highly-recyclable products. In the present era, Hi-end shouldn’t mean near-end.

Our maiden collection rile – “desk set-up from an artist’s dream”, a set of 5, is made using walnut wood and aluminum, which is everything related to sustainability. Every nook and corner of the products from the rile are obsessed about, and we are soon set to launch a new class of NOOE products. Stay Tuned to hear more about Never Odd Or Even, a brand close to our heart.