Have you got your gifting ideas sorted for this holiday season yet? It doesn’t matter if you are looking for premium corporate gifts or gifts for your friends & family - We’ve got you covered!

Whether it’s decor or hosting essentials or personalized luxury items, here is the ultimate guide to all things related to luxury gifting.

Here are some ideas you can consider:

For a get-together with friends or family

Shopping for family looks like a relatively easy task till you begin searching - you feel bombarded with choice - should you go with a personalized, emotional gift or a luxury item? Well, at Arcadium - you have the chance to kill both birds with one shot!

Thoughtful Gifts

In order to select the right thoughtful gift for people you need to be a keen observer. You can pick up a gift someone needs, an item they have been eying for a long time, something they are passionate about -  the key is to be considerate of their feelings and thoughts. Which is why we curate gifts by personalities. Whether your friend is an organization freak or your aunt is a perfect host, find the perfect gift sets for them! 

Personalized Gifts

Add a touch of magic to any gift by writing a thoughtful message to the gift itself. You can select beautiful, premium journals or attach a funny note to mixology gifts. The opportunities are endless. 

Wrap It Up 

We get it. Wrapping presentsis a skill set few lucky people possess and you would rather sit back, relax and have somebody else do it. Arcadium allows you to personalize your wrapping preferences so the receiver is as awed by the packaging as they are the gift itself. 

For your work Family

Your work family is just as important, after all, these are the people you spend at least half your day with. The festive season is just the right moment to show your employees with premium corporate gifts how thankful you are to have them.  Here are some useful tips for corporate gifting:

Sustainable Business Gifts

Clients and employees appreciate gifts that are not only luxurious but also sustainable. You leave a long-lasting impression on them. Laptop Stand, classy key organizer, or even a luxury pen gift set, are just some of the many premium corporate gifts we have available. 

Employee Kits

You can be as creative as you can with employee kits. Just like an on-boarding kit works wonders for employee engagement, festive kits have the same charisma. Throw in a good read, luxury stationery, company swag, gadgets, or snacks for instance.

Gift Card

If you still have a tough time choosing the perfect holiday gift for your employees, a gift card works great as a luxury corporate gift item. Employees would have the option of buying stuff they actually want. You cannot go wrong with this one. 

Host the Perfect Holiday Party

Finally, when all’s said and done - it’s the big day! Whether it’s a New Years party or good ol’ christmas. Here are some quick tips to make sure you can host a perfect party. Plan your menu and hit your grocery store in advance.

  • Focus on presentation. Get the best garnishes, silverware, barware, lighting, and decorations.
  • If you want to add some spirits to your party, try some easy-to-make classic cocktail recipes.
  • Keep some fun sessions like board games planned. And a playlist, please!
  • Keep everything arranged and reachable. Makes it easy for you to have fun at your party.

And folks, don’t forget to enjoy this festive season, Happy holidays!