The notions of tending a bar seem to have changed, as we see the terms mixology thrown around a lot. They are not the regular bartenders whipping a standard cocktail but create concoctions all decked up in an attractive attire.

If you wonder, mixology is not a recently coined term but has been around for a while, probably from the mid-19th century.


History of Mixology

Mixologists, simply put, practice mixology. Mixology includes making some amazing cocktails and is for people extremely enthusiastic about mixing drinks.

Bartenders have been through it all, the era of mad men when martinis and Manhattans were the hype. Next was the cocktail dark age, which lasted for decades. Their dedication however wasn’t weak enough to perish. With the right resources and enthusiasm, they brought the attention back to the bar top. Mixology has fame now and mixologists are quite serious about their craft.


Classic cocktails we have now are original and repaired, which were somehow lost back in the dark age. Alas, the dignity has been restored. We also see some amazing flavors hitting the bar menus. The creativity levels went on a new level, and so did the demand for the product.

We are more open to flavors that hit our taste buds, and mixologists have the right craft to win at it. Mixology has definitely created a demand and found a place among many art forms, but it has also increased the standards. Cocktails and spirits standards are higher now, more than ever.

Mixologists VS Bartenders, What’s the difference? 

Mixologist vs bartender

Mixology may appear as the fancified term for bartending, a term for the modern era. However, they have a separate meaning though the skills they possess are quite similar.

You would generally come across a bartender, who tends the bar and mixes the recipe from the menu. Mixologists have a role somewhere behind the scenes, as they are into innovation and creating new drinks.

Mixologists are well known to give a personal touch to recipes from the book, they love experimenting. Mixologists go through extensive training where they learn the history associated with cocktails, current trends, and more. This influences them to know it all, and probably redefine classic recipes, or simply come up with some new ones. Mixologists’ role goes beyond tending the bar, as some of them work as consultants for distilled spirits manufacturers.

Here's How to Better Enjoy Your Cocktails

Tips from bartenders

Mixology has revamped and also brought innovations to the deck. To ensure you enjoy your drinks and probably get the best service, follow these tips.

  •       Mixologists make custom concoctions with extreme efforts. They use fresh ingredients, techniques, garnishes, measurements, and everything else. If you order one, let the mixologist take him/her sweet time to prepare your drink, don’t rush it.
  •       Open yourself to trying new flavors. If you want to taste mixology in its raw sense, ask your mixologist to hit you up with the best-customized drink.
  •       Make yourself aware of a bar you want to crash. Some menus include expensive customized cocktails while others may have more cheap and light beers. Makes it easy to enjoy the evening and order your favorite.
  •       Ask questions, mixologists love talking about their art and sharing knowledge.
  •       Do not ask your mixologist to throw in some more liquor in your drink. Any alterations in the measurements of the drink tamper the balance of it.

Mixology as an Artful Hobby

Mixology as an art

How bartenders use innovative ways to mix many elements and styles of mixing is jaw-dropping. They carefully pick their ingredients and check through them just like a chef would, before creating a new dish. Satisfying much?

Mixology is no less than an art form in itself. Knowing which ingredients blend perfectly with the spirits is pure art. Not to mention, all the time and years bartenders spend behind the bar, to perfect a recipe. They make their recipes flow and immerse into the current trends and personalized customer interests. They are masters, for they know their craft right, which brings us to make a statement, mixology is a deserving hobby to hold onto.

Some Late Night Bar Tales You Would Enjoy

Perhaps, mixology goes beyond an art form, infused with stories. We can’t help but deeply indulge ourselves in the life of a bartender, who experiences human nature in its rawest form. The late-night tales of gala or wildest of confession, they have heard it and seen it all.

Bar Stories

The other day we came across some wild stories, some of which are better hushed. One story that caught our eyes was probably narrated by Gates Otsuji, the Chef de Bar at The Standard, High Line. He had an encounter with an intoxicated customer who pulled himself to the barstool only to order a burger and fries. He began gobbling up the burger the very second that waiter left the plate. He was so clumsy that he literally had a fry stuck on the back of his hand and tomato hanging down his shirt. When he was done with the burger, he started chugging the ketchup, till the point the bottle was empty. Yes KETCHUP! The way he sighed after he banged the empty ketchup bottle to the table was pure delight, AHHHH! Here comes the best part, for a bill of $12, he pulled out five $20 bills. We are sure he loved his spirit so much that he possibly got himself in trouble almost every time, reading all the bills wrong.

There is more, a bartender who had herself dragged on the bar just because she cut off a customer. A shellfish allergic man who puked on and messed up with his date. A waiter who had (or as he assumed) a drunk customer he refused to tend to, only to know he was cross-eyed, not drunk. 

The funniest story we have to mention features a bartender, who got so drunk at work that he possibly forgot he was fired and showed up at work the other day. He kept long hair and beard and pulled up a different look such that his bartending buddies named him ‘Drunk Jesus’.

We could go on and on, but we would leave you with your personal stories (which we presume are getting back at you). If you haven’t had such experiences already, you can get started with building your home bar and stories alike. HOME BAR, better safe than sorry.