Pandemic or otherwise, spirits lovers have owning a home bar on their bucket list. Great bartenders can be created at home, with the right attitude, will, and of course, the right tips and tricks. We have some amazing tips you can use, to help you spike your drinks with some awesomeness.

If you like to host your group of friends or prefer your own company, you can teach yourself bartending. Stocking up your mini bar the right way is the key to enjoying some lip-smacking cocktail recipes. Perplexed how to achieve it? We’ve got you covered!

Start bartending at home

Crash Course on Mixology

Spirits and Mixers for Cocktails

Spirits and mixers to shop for – Rather than shopping for random spirits you can get hold of, shortlist the cocktails you like in advance and get the supplies as per your interest. This is a great way to get started. Other supplies you need to collect are mixers, and the best examples are cranberry juice, tomato juice, simple syrup, grenadine, sour mix, and others. Classic alcohols to stock up on are vodka, tequila, gin, rum, whiskey,  beer, along any other spirits you love.

Bar Tools Set

Bar tools for the rescue – We recommend you get the basic bar tools Shop our 5 piece bar tool set that has all the basic tools you would need - a Boston Shaker (2 pcs), Hawthrone Strainer, Japanese Jigger, and Bar spoon that doubles as a muddler. The next section explains in detail the tools you need, and how you can get your hands dirty.

Fresh juice for Cocktail

Fresh juice is the way to go – Love a cocktail with citrus juice as one of the ingredients? Make you fresh lime, lemons, or orange juice, they make the cocktail far more delicious than a packed juice box. Keep the hand tool handy, also referred to as citrus press, to squeeze fresh juice out of your fruit.

How to Serve Cocktails

Serve like a mixologist – Knowing your glassware is equivalent to an actor who knows how to pretend. Both are equally crucial and critical to getting the movie right. Some glassware to get started with are martini glasses, coupes, highball glasses, rocks glasses. Stay versed with which recipe needs a stir and which one needs a shake, and serve with the right garnishes.

Cocktail Ice

Stock up on the right kind of ice cubes – Setting your ice cube game right matters. Crushed ice is a fit for diluted cocktails, while large round cubes are a match for spirit heavy drinks. These round and large cubes prevent cocktails from watering down sooner, and long collin spears go with highball drinks.

Bar Tools for your home bar

Let’s run down through the essential bar tools you need, well this calls for a celebration with Hooper of York. The brand we built for cocktail lovers. Bartender-grade accessories that won’t only bear witness to all your mad celebrations, but would help you tend the bar professionally.


Cocktail Shakers

Bartending is hardwired to the thought of a shaker, and it is just apt. Defining a shaker, this tool is used in the shaking technique, where multiple liquid ingredients are mixed. Also, ice goes into the process of shaking to chill the drinks. As a beginner, you can choose from two types of shakers, a Boston shaker, and a cobbler shaker.

Boston shaker is a two-piece tool that has a mixing glass and a mixing lid. On the other end, the cobbler shaker has 3 pieces as it also includes a strainer. Both the shakers do the same job with somewhat similar efforts. Choosing between two is purely a personal choice.


Hooper of York Strainer

A strainer is a tool that goes along with a Boston shaker, because it excludes one. A strainer is a must-bar tool, as it keeps extra ice and other pulpy substances off the drinks. The most common type of strainer used is Hawthorn that comes along with springs on one side. The springs sit tight on the mixing glass and strain the cocktail perfectly.


The art of making cocktails is keeping the spirits and mixers balanced, they either make or break your drink. With this in mind, buy a jigger for your bar cabinet that helps you measure your spirits. These measuring cups have two sides to them, one for a single shot, while the other measures a double shot. They also come in different sizes, so check it with your requirements.


Peeler Juicer and Knife for cocktails

Finally, the tool you need for your fresh citrus juice, from before remember? This is a juice press, and you would also need a knife, chopping board, and a Y peeler for peels from citrus.

Bar Spoon with Muddler

Bar spoon with muddler

Bar spoon is perfect to dissolve some ice cubes or mix your drinks. It features a twisted handle with a flat disc at the bottom. Use the disc to press and extract fresh juice from fruits, mint leaves, and more.

Ice accessories

Ice accessories basically are a reference to ice trays. You can get yourself some amazing ice moulds to make your drinks look fancy. There are also alternatives available in the market such as chilling stones and stainless steel reusable ice cubes.


Cocktail Glassware

Glassware is a crash course in itself and quite difficult to put down as a summary. However, we pulled together some beginner essentials you need to know. To serve your drinks “straight up” (drinks that are stirred or shaken over ice and strained thereafter), you should use a martini glass. Lowball glasses are for neat spirits or short cocktails for instance, while highball glasses are meant for mixed drinks or long cocktails.

Stick to these rules and tricks to get better

Mixology rules and tricks

  •       Give ready-made juices a pass
  •       Press your herbs with the muddler (with love), not pound at it
  •       Go wild and open with bar pantry shopping
  •       Taste your ingredients prior to mixing
  •       Drinks made with juices, cream liqueurs, and mixers are for shaker, while no mixers would work fine with stirring
  •       Citrus and spirits are a match made in heaven, doesn’t matter which spirit or citrus
  •       Keep simple syrup handy, you’ll be shocked how well it enhances the taste of the cocktail

Hooper Chronicles

Hooper Chronicles

F.E.Hooper, the traveler Hooper of York pays tribute to, had some amazing tales to tell, tales that are colorful for eternity. A family tradition for Hooper, bartending has always been a part of Hooper’s life. Raw and jaw-dropping tales from speakeasies his father bought home jinxed Hooper to set forth for a journey of discovery. Hooper traveled across the globe to live those stories, experience the best of what life could offer.

All along the journey accompanied a dear friend for all his travels – a barware set he so lovingly held onto. Hooper got introduced to drinking customs from all diverse communities and his barware collection shoot up. This is where we drew our inspiration of curating barware with gunmetal, gold accents, and victorian green finishes.

Hooper is impassioned to introduce quality and premium bartender-grade accessories to your kitchen cabinet. So much for your favorite Spirit.