Notebooks are our travel companions, secret bearers, school, college, or office buddies. In the fast-paced digital world, the old-school way of journaling seems refreshing. A free-spirited source, journals let your thoughts run wild and free.

This is essentially why you should invest in good quality notebooks, or take an upgrade ASAP. Notebooks that are made exclusively, can transform your everyday creative rituals. They are powerful to pull you out of your creative blocks.

For creative artists, creative nomads, and wordsmiths, we have a list of the best journals that have mesmerized us with their looks and quality.

NUUNA Composition L Notebook Matrix

A matrix for your thoughts that go beyond the confined boundaries. 

The matrix print jeans label material bounded notebooks for writers and artists alike.

The 120 g premium paper brings the laurel that is uncoated and a smooth fit for a wide range of pens. Dot grid pattern notebook with 256 pages. This eco-friendly product is for the lovers of everything sustainable. 

The flex cover of this notebook is made up of smooth bonded jeans label material. The paper quality is extraordinarily high with acid-free archival that resists ink smearing and bleed through.

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Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

A smart notebook for your smart ideas.

Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

The notebook was built for the digital era conserving the traditional handwriting experience.

Notebooks do not necessarily need to be traditional in the true sense. The Rocketbook smart reusable notebook gives you the experience of classic pen and paper being a fit for the digital era. A notebook that lasts years, if not for a lifetime. You can use each page of the notebook infinitely by wiping it clean with a damp cloth. Note - Pilot FriXion ink is recommended.

It comes with a QR code on each page, which lets you instantly scan the content and upload it to the cloud. You can also use the free rocketbook app to configure cloud services and use them as your organization hub. Makes organization just so seamless. The pages are engineered to provide a smooth writing experience.

You can choose from the options of dot-grid and line patterns for each page. Keep a moistened cloth handy at all times to quickly erase the content, and jot down some new ones.

Leather, Eco-Friendly, and Travel Journal

A classic journal that is evocative of the days gone by.

Moonster Travel Notebook

The notebook is beautifully handcrafted and secured with an antique leather strap.

Leather? Made of 100% genuine water buffalo leather, check! Premium Notebook? Premium 125gsm earth-friendly plain paper, check! Traveler Notebook? The looks of it take us through a voyage-ish vibe and come secured with a leather strap, double-check!

This notebook has a vintage aura to it, which would make you look back to the days you traveled. Collect all your memories in this 240 pages notebook that is handcrafted with love. The notebook is bonded using hand-stitched Coptic leather to avoid pages from falling out. The paper used in the notebook is a result of leftover garment industry cloth in India. Quite appropriate to declare the notebook tree-free and acid-free.

P.S. A portion of the profit from every notebook that Moonster sells is allocated for charity in Africa that helps prevent child abuse and cruelty.

Home Office Notebook

The vibrant prints of the notebook matches perfectly match your office décor and your work-mood.

Home Office Notebook

Comes enclosed in a box with luxury pencils and erasers, heaven for stationery lovers.

A product from England, this home-office-styled notebook is made to fit your home office décor. The cover of the book has designs of flowers in pink, flowing through it. The prints with gold foil detailing are vibrant and aptly color-toned. They also have multiple options you can choose from, some amazing prints you would be fascinated with.

You receive the book in a packaging that does not contain the notebook alone but comes with 7x pencils and 5x erasers. The stationery carefully packed in a box are the go-to supplies you need for your work-from-home setup.

Fashion Inspired Notebook

A Christian Lacroix style notebook for the fashionistas.

Fashion Inspired Notebook

Features a whimsical fashion-inspired design on the cover and comes with a sticker page.

This notebook is a part of the Christian Lacroix homeware collection. The fine print and design of the notebook, alongside luxury materials, make it an amazing piece of stationery. The bold detailing and the fantastic elegant lady print are the fineries for an individual into fashion. Also, the book comes packed with a gold bellyband. The notebook features a sticker page that contains 9 different shaped stickers and chic striped edges.

Themed Limited Edition Notebooks

A gala for the Potterheads, too extraordinary for a muggle.

Themed Limited Edition Notebooks

Limited edition diaries that feature the inspiring quotes from Albus Dumbledore

Moleskin has a creative vision which is just so fascinating. Every book is themed to get you hooked- productive mode on! This special book is themed to take you through a tour of Hogwarts and is open for all who love Harry Potter. The notebook is limited edited, premium, diary/planner formatted, and includes a story card.

This rounded corners journal covers 18 months' worth of plan, made up of ivory-colored, 70 g/m², acid-free paper. It also contains elastic closure, a matching ribbon bookmark, and useful tools for planning, time zones, international measurements, dialing codes, and flight duration

Weekly Planners

Classic planners to get your week’s agendas sorted.

Weekly Planners

You can document every trip you take, for the planner has an allocated map page.

Another classic product from Moleskin. This planner lets you plan for 18 months and includes annual and monthly snapshot pages to help you make the best of your time. The exciting part of the product is, it has a map that helps you document every trip you ever take.  Other features of the product are rounded corners, elastic closure, matching ribbon bookmark; ivory-colored, 70 g/m², acid-free paper, and useful tools.

NUUNA Notebooks


We host the brand nuuna, a premium notebooks manufacturer from Germany. nunna commits to great storytelling through their designs. The context behind every single notebook is unique. The books have individual cover artwork, are manufactured with great care, and are the best materials in Germany.

Based out of their Frankfurt studio, nunna crafts premium notebooks with inspiring stories behind each one. Their notebooks are inspired by architecture, fashion, literature, art and design, etc, and built with soft recycled leather, silk screen printing & thread stitching.

Every product from the brand nuuna is one-of-a-kind, ranging from colored pages, graphic printed covers, and strap secured notebook that holds a smartphone and pen.