Holidays bring families and friends together and we have not one but many reasons to celebrate. Before you get lost prepping everything needed for the perfect dinner menu, let’s check some products that work as brownies.

To begin with, this product list would put you into a celebratory mood instantly. We have products that not only have amazing utilities but have designs that work like therapy. Sorted based on the design aspect, the products work like glitters for your décor ideas and come in handy for the day of celebration. Even better, you can pick any one of them as your gifting option, treat yourself or someone else.

HMM Scissors

What do you most love about the holiday season? We love the gifting part, from our folks of course (coming from the community that outgrew ‘Santa is real and brings us gifts’). The HMM Scissors is just the product that makes unwrapping easy.

This 2-in-one product works amazing as it is scissors and a box cutter. It works if you want to cut through your gifts or just some boxes you want to open before the celebrations. We love how you do not need to tuck it in safely post celebrations, as you can use it daily. The best part is, you can use it as a decorative piece. It stands elegantly on the magnetic base that comes with the product.

The product is made with Japanese steel and Taiwanese craftsmen. The product is super sleek and turns from a scissor to a box cutter in just a flip. Also, the cuts are just so accurate every time you use it, you will want to keep it within reach always. It has a magnetic edge that sits on a firm footing.

Skyline Playing Cards – London

A product that not only looks amazing but makes your holiday fun just when it is about to get boring. If celebrations and boozing sound ridiculous to you, you can get started with playing these cards.

It is a fact that you can make some bucks betting over every round of cards. It also stands true that this deck is just so elegant to play with. This unconventional pack of cards is inspired by the city of London and brings the city feels right to your game.

What’s so unique you ask. Well, each card from the pack features an iconic landmark of London. The London edition Skyline cards feature 13 iconic landmarks, that are printed on smooth playing card stock. The cards come wrapped in a premium black tuck box. If you place the cards in a certain manner, the reverse finish of the cards creates an aerial map of London!

HMM Mugr

Holidays make every cup of coffee taste just better, naturally. Makes us think if it is our taste buds tingling or just dopamine doing the job. Either way, Mugr is the product to buy. The look of the products itself answers the question, why?

Mugr has slightly rounded edges and glazing that makes the coffee drinking experience a beautiful affair. The product makes it super seamless to enjoy your coffee and any other beverage you prefer. Mugr uses a seamless blend of Japanese ceramic and walnut wood to acquire the sturdy state. It has been through 11 artisanal processes which makes it just perfect. The brand calls it a serene landscape where earth meets wood. It is the first product in the HMM Coffee Series. The 11 artisanal processes that the product went through make it soft to touch and sip. It is coated with signature glaze to create the unique look and feel of cast iron. The handle is made with fine walnut to form the easy to hold [r] shape.

Did you know Mugr won the Golden Pin Design Award in 2017?

HMM Patio

We have a bunch of people to accompany us. Just like they got our back, HMM Patio got Mugr’s back. While Mugr is the perfect beverage holder to sip your coffee, Patio helps you brew the right one.

The patio is beautifully crafted to create a perfect brew by using a truncated cone and ridges. They balance airflow and water speed. The product is built with high-quality Japanese ceramic, making the product minimal and classic. It is also beginner-friendly, as it prevents beginner’s mistake of over-extracting coffee flavours with scalding hot water. It comes with a brewing guide to make it easy for you.

Multi Bar Tool by Hooper

A hammer to get you hammered, aha you see what we made? Well, it is one of our drop products and a 4-in-1 bar tool that is a compliment to any celebrations.

A product from our signature barware brand Hooper of York is made for you to celebrate well. Made using stainless steel, the is design based on one of the strongest, sleekest, most functional vintage items we've ever come across. This tool is for you to find the proper measure, break the ice, pop the cork, and crack a brew. Be the hero at any cookout, tailgate, or anywhere with the ability to open any beer. Also makes a perfect gifting option for a mixology lover.

Soapstone Cube & Tumbler Set

Soapstone cube and tumbler set is the perfect product you need if you plan to serve some age-old spirits. Glassware is just as crucial as selecting the right liquor, it lifts up the mood.

This is the perfect add-on to any celebration with a drink - tumblers and glacier rocks. This classic set of two tumblers and six top-quality glacier rocks is for the lovers of neat drinks. The glacier rock soapstone cube freezes like ice without diluting your drink or scratching the glass. The tumblers hold up to 8oz of your favorite drink. The shape of the tumbler is just so unique.

Whiskey Cooling Cup

Whiskey cooling cup is the perfect alternative to soapstone cube and tumbler set. With a slightly different functionality, it enhances the holiday drinking experience.

The alternative product is for scotch lovers. This whiskey cooling cup lets you savour your whiskey’s rich, smoky flavors every time. The proprietary gels of the products aid the colling process for hours upfront keeping your drinks cool without watering them down. Use it for spirits and whiskey cocktails that are served cold. It has a capacity of 9 oz (266 ml), with a downtime of 2 hours in the freezer.