EDC, an acronym that recently acquired hype. EDC might be a concept we learned later, but, Everyday Carry as it is, has been around since forever. Our way of life has transformed the essentials that describe EDC. Things you carry with you everyday vary from person to person, profession, commute needs, lifestyle, community, and more.

A carefully curated kit can make your daily life effortless. It can mean having the right gadgets for a tech-savvy profession, or the right set of tools for a handyman. Ultimately, you need to handpick what goes into your EDC kit, but as a little help goes a long way, we have some amazing recommendations for you.

Requisites of EDC

EDC Essentials

Maybe start with asking yourself some questions. What do you need to get your job done everyday? Can it get better or easier? Or for instance, items that signify your lifestyle. EDC does not have to be limited to your daily hustle and bustle essentials but can include items you can boast about.

This would somewhat give you an idea about things you would shortlist for your EDC kit. We have some essentials carefully listed out in this article. Make your final call and get your EDC kit all decked up, for it would make your daily chores a little less exhaustive.


A tiny piece of steel with 14 functions for your daily commute.

Zenlet ToolCard

This sleek stainless piece of steel has gigantic utility options right from transforming into a phone stand to a bottle opener.

The 14 different functions are one B function, one R function, one L function, two P functions, two S functions, five C functions. Here is what it means B: Bottle Opener, R: Ruler, L: Letter Knife, P: Peeler, P: Position Wrench, S: SIM Card Eject Tool Storage, S: Screw Driver, C: Chisel, C: Compass, C: Cell Phone Stand, C: Can Opener, C: Cartoon Opener.

Orbitkey Key Organizer Active

It converts your keys into a silent stack - stealth mode on!

Stack up your keys with an award-winning and secure locking mechanism.

This tool is cleverly crafted to neatly organize up to 7 keys, and a D-ring to secure car keys and fobs. Created with top-grain leather for a stylish and smart finish. The top grain leather is coated with a light protective finish that is barely visible, to keep the luxe look intact adding a factor of durability. The locking mechanism prevents you from scratching your phone and other belongings.

NUUNA Voyager M Notebook

A notebook that compels you to take a voyage through ground-breaking ideas.

NUUNA Voyager M

The notebook comes with a stylish cover strap that secures a smartphone and pen.

Premium flexcover notebook crafted with soft bonded recycled leather. Comes with an elastic anti-handbag textile strap for accessories, preventing them from getting lost. Contains 176 pages of 120 g premium paper with a 3.5 mm grey dot grid. As beautiful as this product looks, it comes in M format, the perfect and compact size to have. This product has won the Red Dot Award 2016.

Bellroy Classic Everyday Pouch

Carry your EDC accessories effortlessly.

Bellroy Classic Everyday Pouch

The bag would surprise you with its storage capacity and opens wide with a half-moon zipper.

The pouch carefully organizes your accessories. It prevents that one item you need from getting lost in a herd of EDC essentials that are all crammed inside your bag. It has specifically designated cabins for items of all shapes and sizes like cords, stationery, power bank, keys, tiny snacks, and more. Also has a hidden secret pocket that carefully encloses using a clever magnet.


Optimized to be travel-friendly, this wallet makes your frequent travels pleasant.

Pioneer Carry Passport Wallet

The wallet opens wide with molded passport slot on one side and a discreet card slot on the other.

With a secure fit, the wallet can hold 28 pages passport. It can also be custom molded to hold around 64 pages passport, on request (add the request in the notes section while checking out). On the other side, you can store 4-8 cards, some banknotes, tickets, or receipts. All in all, the wallet has 2 Large top-loading pockets, 2 inward-facing inner card slots, and 1 inward-facing large pocket.

TIPEN 2.0 Minimal EDC Pen

Redefines EDC pen to introduce a tough, small, and lightweight pen.

TIPEN 2.0 Minimal EDC Pen

An ultra-portable writing instrument that's also a super tough tool.

The brand YSMART introduces the smallest, lightest, and toughest pen, for a new strange world. The size of the pen is tiny as a key and lighter than the previous product that did great. Made to be travel friendly, you can hook the pen to your jacket zipper, wallet, keyring, or even wear it as a necklace. Made using a Grade 5 Titanium body, the product is indestructible and writes almost anywhere.

Mind-blowing is how the silicon carbide ballpoint tip does more than writing. It can cut open packages, pry off lids, and works as an emergency impact tool for unforeseen situations.

Bellroy Classic Backpack Premium Edition

A backpack with some premium aesthetics from the classic backpack series from Bellroy.

Bellroy Classic Backpack Premium Edition

Carry your laptop, iPad, stationery, and other valuables easily tucked away.

The backpack is designed to hold up to a 16” laptop, and an iPad or A5 document pocket alongside a pen slip. Besides the designated chambers, you can store more belongings like a pouch, tumbler, and more. It also features a front and internal mesh zip pocket, alongside a water-resistant top pocket for small phones and keys. Materials that go towards the production of this bag include sustainably produced fabric and environmentally certified leather. Top it off with a 3 years warranty.

Check more from Arcadium’s carefully curated EDC essentials, products that are feature and design-rich. Each product we chose to host has a USP unique to the current market offerings. We also curate our products from Kickstarter, essentially the most funded Kickstarter campaigns. This makes our product list, one of its kind and obsession-worthy.