Good designs are a sight for the sore eyes. Imagine coming across a shelf filled with products and one from the lot snatches your attention. Wow! You murmur to yourself, trying to grab a better look at it. The closer to look at the product, the more you fall in love with its aesthetics. This is super relatable for us as we are perpetually on the lookout for products with breath-taking charisma and utility.

Here’s to our effort of filling the entire cabinet with products that make your jaw drop. Each product is a showstopper and you would crave for more while your eyes make a move from one product onto the next.

Award-Winning Designs

Arcadium Award Winning products

There are products you buy and gradually forget about. Then, there are products you want to flaunt and boast about. Reminds us of a products review group call one day where Piyush (our CEO) said – the products are so amazing I don’t wanna use them! This, my folks, is what Arcadium signifies, design-rich products.

We drew a strong road map and each path is paved with the utmost consideration. The pillars we are trying to assemble are built on some core principles, design being one. Our products have smashed records and went on to win some of the best designs awards there are from around the world. We feel proud to introduce them to you!

Red Dot Design Award

Welcome to the world of Design.

Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design award signifies quality design assurance and is one of the most sought-after awards. This award showcases products that distinguish their business activities through design. Based on the principle of selection and presentation juries scour through entries in pursuit of the best product design, communication design, and design concepts.

The Wallet by Zenlet

The simple and minimalist The Wallet by Zenlet won the Red Dot Design Award in the year 2016.

The wallet is a premium is a high-class security mechanism-based product that comes with RFID blocking card. As stylish as the product looks, its functionality would just amaze you. Built to be minimalist, it opens with just a tap and makes it easy for you to secure your cards with it. The RFID blocking and boosting card just make it easy for you to secure your card’s sensitive information. Above all, the product is super sleek.

NUUNA Project

nunna’s collection of graphic printed and not white edition books won the Red Dot Design Award in the year 2016.

nunna’s introduces each of its books with a unique story; an inspiration that led to its creation. The brand teaches us so much about art, as each nunna product is an art in itself. The beautiful graphic cover notebooks are meant to shatter any creative blocks. The unique not white nuuna notebook is another masterpiece, an unconventional product with black and grey pages.

Desk mat by Orbitkey

The latest addition of design awards to our products list is the desk mat, in the year 2021.

This intuitively crafted product creates the perfect clutter-free zone on your workstation. This premium mat is made using vegan leather and 100% recycled PET felt. The best part is its document hideaway which lets you tuck in any loose papers, safely. The magnetic cable holder is another attractive feature of this mat, which keeps your cable from falling off the table. The magnetic cable moves along the toolbar you can also use to secure your stationery.

Good Design Award

Enriching our lives and society through design.

Good Design Award

The award is popular across the globe as “G Mark” which is the symbol of winning the award. It aims to recognize products that are of great quality and fulfill certain ideals or purposes, whether tangible or intangible. It also provides support to the brands by screening and promotions with a purpose to motive rich and creative life for all.

The Wallet by Zenlet

The Wallet by Zenlet secured another design award Good Design Award in the same year 2016.

We love the design aesthetic of this product so much that we aren’t surprised by how The Wallet won two awards.

iF Design Awards

Celebrating outstanding design and social engagement through iF events and exhibitions.

iF Design Award

One of the oldest truly independent design institutions in the world - iF International Forum Design GmbH organizes the iF DESIGN AWARD. Classified as one of the world's most celebrated and valued design competitions the institution has a reputation that gives them unique importance. 

Key Organizer by Orbitkey

The concept of clever organization for better living fetched Orbitkey Key Organizer iF Design Award in the year 2018.

The cleverly crafted secure locking mechanism does the job for this product. It helps you secure up to 7 keys in the knob, and car keys and fobs on the D-ring. Materials that go into producing the product vary from its variant. The ‘cactus’ variant is made using cactus leather while ‘active’ is made using top grain leather. The product organizes your keys in a noise-free, organized, and neat manner. It also prevents the keys from scratching your phone or other pocket belongings.

Desk Mat by Orbitkey

Desk Mat secured another, honoured with iF Design Award in the year 2021.

It was music to our ears when the brand broke the news that Desk Mat secured another award in 2021, we said – isn’t it obvious?

Golden Pin Design Awards

Design Worthy of the World’s Largest Market.

Golden Pin Design Awards

Golden is the most influential design award in the global Huaren market. Credits for organizing, planning, and handling the ceremony go to Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI).

Mugr by HMM Project

Mugr won the Golden Pin Design Award in the year 2017.

The product is made using Japanese ceramic and walnut wood that makes this product super sturdy. Mugr is just perfect, as it has been through 11 artisanal processes. The product is pretty smooth to touch and sip your beverage and also easy to stack or clean. The design of the product is just so beautiful as it is handcrafted by Taiwanese artisans.

W Glass Amber by HMM Project

W Glass Amber won two award categories that Golden Pin Designs Award organizes- best design and the circular design, both in the year 2019.

W Glass Amber is the beautiful result of efforts from local Taiwanese craftsmen. There is a theory to W Glass Amber – it has 12 elegant angles depicting the hours of the clock aka the circle of life. HMM and Spring Pool came together for this project, where HMM sourced 100% recycled glass from this largest glass recycling center - Spring Pool. The glass’s handle is heatproof with easy stacking tempered bottom. The smooth circular inner surface makes it easy for cleaning.