Want to start journaling but confused where to begin? We have been there! Journaling can be a hobby or a daily ritual, depends on where you want to be. Starting as a hobby, there is a chance you might lose traction and preserve it as a sacred ritual for when you have time. Making it a habit makes all the difference.

This brings us to the first rule of journaling- maintain consistency and make it your daily ritual. Journaling is the time you give yourself and create a reflection on your day. You become self-aware, learn how to handle your emotions and yourself, and grow to be wiser.

Journaling Tips

Journaling puts all the worries away for it belongs to you, something you write for yourself. The burden of pleasing someone comes off, leaving you with your deepest desires or vulnerabilities. You deal with the real you and grow from it, though not perfect, you get better at being you.  

Why Should You Start Journaling?

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Looking back to the initial days of gathering in our design studio, a lot of folks from the 5by7 clans admitted to having a journal. The first person to have expressed the habit claimed it was life-changing, as did every next peer. Journaling is indeed a life-altering habit, a routine that would change your life, or at least your attitude, for the good.

Wonder how journaling is life-changing? Irrespective of the types of content you choose to pen down, journaling eases your mind and nourishes your soul. It is a way in which you can soothe yourself and keep yourself going.

Journaling is a form of self-care, your personal space where you reflect upon yourself. A ritual of your me-time is a self-coping mechanism where you get comfortable with yourself, it gives you a lot in return. A few years down the lane, you would be surprised by how far you have come. Also, when you read back your journals you would start reminiscing memories that would otherwise get blurred.

If you do not know where to start, here are some tips we are sure will get you working on your pen or your keypad.

Journaling is not only dear to pen and paper

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Conventional pen and paper-based journaling are no doubt, super effective in relieving stress. But it does not essentially have to be limited to it. You can use other digital platforms and journal your thoughts. The catch merely depends on how it makes you feel. Choose the model that best works for you and develop a process surrounding it.

Journaling does not even mean you need to stick to words. Not everyone has the power or belief of putting down emotions in the form of words. This is when you can choose to use the artistic side and create visuals and art of your thoughts or feelings.

Journals are not only for clean and clear thoughts, get personal and messy

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There is no rule of thumb when it comes to writing, just stories that would keep you hooked to writing. Doesn’t mean how messy your handwriting is or how unattractive the notebook cover is. All that matters is, your journal should inspire you to write some more.

Your journal is a note to the future you so you are even allowed to get personal. Any thought, any reflection, any story that you have belongs in your journal.

Fight off writer’s block with any amplified feelings you experience

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When you experience writer’s block, take some time to write about gratitude. Write down things you are thankful for, this should be a reflection of a pure sense of gratitude. This doesn’t mean you evoke your deep senses but can be as random as sipping an amazing cup of coffee.

If you had a tough day at work or any other issue, view it in a positive light and write about it. Write about how your partner’s small gesture mattered for you, or the lesson you learned from the day. You can also take some time to write about how you wish you had the tolerance of a calm person you adore, and how you can acquire some.

Develop journaling as your reflex

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Do not let journaling be a chore you fret over, rather the time you look forward to. Make it a reflex, where every first thought that strikes your mind or the first event you experience makes you want to put it down in your journal. It doesn’t matter if you choose a different journal technique for the day, make the most of your time.

Here is how you can make journaling your reflex:

  •       Track your journaling habit and work to it them better
  •       Allocate a time slot every day for journaling
  •       Keep changing your journaling habit
  •       Always keep your journal close to you

Avoid trash talks about yourself

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Journaling should be a therapy you give yourself, not a place to put yourself down. Penning down your negative thoughts work, but only when you work upon them. Filling your journal with only negative and trash talk would not help you grow. You need to find the solution, your peace, or a strategy to fill your dark self with life. A dark journal would only make you fall steeper into a dark place.

Journal your desires, wants, inspirations, or conversations stuck in your mind

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Every dream, desire, or want you have should find a place in your journal. Take the time to put together your best memory, or your bucket list for instance. Put down things you feel blessed about, or someone you would call a blessing in disguise. Add some fun doodles, visuals, graphics, and bring your journal to life.

Pen down journal prompt from days you feel inspired

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For when you feel the rush of ideas flowing through and feel obsessively inspired, jot down a list of things you would want to journal about (might be anything). This would pass down some help to your gloomy days when you feel you have nothing to pen down.

Use your journal to process pain and fear

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For times when emotions flow within us like waves, there is a fine line, which when crossed can convert into anxiety. Journal is often the best way to deal with such negative emotions, where you give yourself the chance to process them. You will learn how to work through such intervals and find the light again. Let the hard emotions wear off.

Write for someone


Things are left unsaid, feelings unconveyed, words unspoken, and some sentences never take form. It can be with anyone, a person you so dearly love, someone you lost, someone you wish you would’ve met, someone you adore, even something you wish your younger self knew, or something you want to remind to your future self.

A journal is an amazing place to store all such thoughts. You can talk to anyone you want to and this might take you to a better place, emotionally speaking.

Lastly, if you stay unsatisfied with your journal experience, take some time to figure out what isn’t working. Experience diverse techniques to best evaluate what works for you. Your journal is not an assignment you need to work on, you are free to choose what should stay and what shouldn’t.

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