We belong to the consumption-conscious squad! We might want to live life to its fullest, make the most of every moment, but want to do it consciously. We are well-read of how our tiny actions can make an impact on the environment, or even break it. And, we love all the buzz around multitudes of efforts made to get better.

An excellent attempt at minimizing harm to nature is recycling. This is why Arcadium has teamed up with brands that turn waste into premium lifestyle products. So, we host products that are either made up of recycled materials or are 100% recyclable (we pulled up a go-to list for you).

Our products are not only feature and design rich but are consciously made with sustainable materials. Do you know what’s better? They are one of the best in their business and are among the Kickstarter funded and design awards winning projects.

Not White Nuuna Notebook

This unconventional grey paper notebook comes in a cover made up of soft recycled leather.

NUUNA Not White notebook

Comes with a anti-handbag textile strap and white gel pen that works perfectly on the colored pages.

This product is an offer from nuuna, that connects every notebook with a story. For the not white notebook, they choose a high sustainable material cover, keeping its quality intact. The cover is made up of production offcuts, making it a replica of genuine leather. With characteristics somewhat similar to genuine leather, the material makes the product flexible and durable.

This notebook is an artist or a wordsmith’s safe haven. It keeps you enlightened with ideas through the grey colored pages that look different. It would force you to think out of the box and make you bloom with ideas. The textile strap can secure your phone and a pen, so they are handy at all times, for an amazing uncluttered experience.

W Glass Amber

HMM utilized recycled glass collected by Taiwan's largest glass recycling center, Spring Pool, to create the 100% recyclable W Glass.

The design concept of this product features 12 angles symbolizing 12 hours of the clock.

HMM Project uses recycled glass collected by Taiwan's largest glass recycling center, Spring Pool, to create the 100% recyclable W Glass. The product is entirely handmade by Taiwanese craftsmen, sporting the best of local talent.

Utilizing the glass-dyeing technique, W Glass is given unique colors, creating one-of-a-kind aesthetics through the inter-reaction of the glass, light, and contained beverage. W glass has a heat-proof handle, easy stacking tapered bottom, and smooth circular inner surface for easy cleaning.

The Wallet

Made up of TPU, PC, and stainless steel – highly recyclable.

A premium wallet with a high-class security mechanism that comes with an RFID blocking card.

Originated from Taiwan, this product is from the brand Zenlet. The product is made up of stainless steel, TPU, and PC, making it highly recyclable. It furthermore goes through the CNC machining process where the premium textured unibody is put to shape.

Safe to say this product is environment friendly with premium aesthetics? Impressed already, wait till you check out the functions. The wallet opens wide just with a tap and can store 4-7 cards. They get stacked uniformly so you can easily find and pull out the card you need. The materials make the product water-resistant and scratchproof. Comes with an RFID blocking card to avoide theft of sensitive data in cards.

Graphic L – Analog

Flexcover notebook made up of the smooth bonded recycled leather cover.

The graphic cover of the notebook preaches the idea of anti-twitter.

Here is another product from nuuna, made with a smooth bonded recycled leather cover. The cover is made up of recycled leather which is the result of product outcasts. They are safe for the environment, flexible, durable, and have genuine properties like leather.

It is a dot grid pattern stylish notebook with the extraordinarily high paper quality. The papers have an acid-free archival property that resists ink smearing and bleedthrough. You would find 256 pages of 120 g premium paper with a 3.5 mm grey dot grid in an L format (165 × 220 MM).

Desk Mat Medium

Made up of PET felt that is 100% recycled and premium vegan leather that is extremely durable.

Comes with a document hideaway so you can secretly store some loose papers.

The desk mat is undoubtedly a showcase for your workstation made up of 100% recycled PET felt. PET felt is referred to as today’s top acoustic material that is made up of a kind of plastic found in water or soda bottles.

So, when the plastic is recycled, it produces a soft and sturdy felt material. The desk mat uses this PET felt and vegan leather for production. Just like the materials of the products, the features are bang on. It comes with a magnetic cable holder to prevent cables from falling off the table and a document hideaway. You can use the hideaway to store some loose documents you have been working on.

Sustainable lifestyle products

If you haven’t found that ‘star product’ you want to purchase already, we have more. As you know stainless steel is the champion of recycling, we have a bunch of stainless steel products you can choose from.

Tool card

A slim piece of machinery with no less than 20 features, that fits in your pocket.

Multibar tool

This handy 4 in 1 bar tool features an ice-breaker, corkscrew, bottle opener & cocktail measuring tool! It is made from stainless steel and is a compliment to any bar shelf.

Key organizer

Stack up your keys with an award-winning and secure locking mechanism made up of stainless steel. Cleverly crafted to neatly organize up to 7 keys. Crafted with top-grain leather for a stylish and smart finish.

5 pc bar set

A perfect beginner kit made up of 304 stainless steel for people looking to get into making cocktails.

5 pc bartool set

Wide metal straws

The metallic straws made up of stainless steel are exclusive in a world that knows plastic straws.

Shot Glasses

The durable stainless steel with champagne finish makes these glasses sustainable and perfect for your finest rum.

Julep Glasses

The stainless steel with gunmetal finish of the glass is quite the sight, topped with metallic straws makes it a masterpiece.