Creative ideas are no longer dream treasury. If you got the creative chops and execution sorted, Kickstarter helps you transform the idea into a brand. Kickstarter values your ideas even though your idea reinvents a map for any aspect of an industry, or if you have a better route for one that exists.

Kickstarter Community

All Kickstarter projects can make anyone go bonkers per se, but these projects would have you at the edge of your seat. 

The Kickstarter Community And History


Kickstarter exists to bring creative projects to life. They help convert ideas into realities. The process they follow is simple, Kickstarter gives creative projects a platform to showcase their idea. The Kickstarter community that loves and believes in the idea comes forth to invest in it. They have built a community that works together through constant love and support.

Kickstarter went live on April 28, 2009 and presently hosts 21 million people who form the Kickstarter community and support new creative initiatives. Funding worth $6.3 billion has been executed on a platform, where 212,946 projects have been brought to life through funding.

TreePod Canopy

A spacious hanging retreat.

TreePod Canopy

Hammocks now have a new persona, that suits indoor as well as outdoor use.

What can be a better outlook than the combination of cabana and hammock? TreePod Hanging Habitats put together the luxury from cabana and portability from hammock to create a spacious and large, 5 windows TreePod Canopy.

The product is absolutely easy to assemble, it merely takes a few minutes to set it up. Made up of UV Treated canvas that makes the product extra durable. There is a weight limit of 500 lb on the product and has been made with 52% more space than the early and original models from TreePods. For a better view while outdoors, the product features 5 large windows.

M1 All-Metal Engraver

M1 The Mini All-Metal Engraver with Industrial Grade Quality

M1 All-Metal Engraver

A compact & versatile laser engraver that works with 50+ times the accuracy and at 20+ faster speed.

Wanting to engrave your own products is not only expensive but also not efficient, especially metal objects. The engravers are huge and just lack precision in engraving. All-metal engraver is the problem to such a solution, a branch where technology advancement did not speed up.

This engraver is capable of doing the job on any kind of surface, metal included. And, it is super compatible. Since the product comes embedded with an industrial-grade resolution, speed, and power, it can clearly engrave on surfaces ranging from leather, metal, and plastic included. Fit for personal and business use, the product is super handy and easy to use. Also, the product is easy to set up, while it would last for years.


A retro nixie clock-inspired modern display.


Retro concept modern clock displayed over the beautiful warm glow of the nixie tube.

The company chose to bring vintage aesthetics with modern tech, and the result is this beautiful Nextube. Nixie is a thing back from the 50s-70s, which is yet again revived. It uses a modern IPS screen to bring back the old-school orange glow, and display the metrics of modern life. So, you have a display of time, schedule, music, weather, social media, and the beautiful orange glow lights up your room.

You can manage the time you allocate for a task through the Nextube, schedule your workout time, cooking time, and more. Nextube also counts your social media subscribers from all the platforms, in real-time, how cool is that! Other metrics it displays are weather, audiovisual display, tasks reminder, and more.

The Space Safe

Smart safe of the digital era.

The Space Safe

A safe that doesn’t look like one, and has the foundation of brilliant technology. It comes along with features such as WiFi, App, Cameras, LCD display, Guest Access, & more.

This product is a result of 18 months long design iterations and market research. We give you that this product would fit the bars of a modern safe for your valuable possessions. You can connect the safe via wifi, and monitor 2 cameras embedded inside and outside of the product. Any moves or activities are notified via the Space App.

Spotlights of the product are – sleep design, tempered glass door, enormous LCD touchscreen, 10 gauge steel, fingerprint scanner, and more. Hide it into your closet or any other area, for it doesn’t look like a safe.

3D Luminous Wooden World Map by Enjoy The Wood

The First 3D Luminous Colored Wooden World Map.

3D Luminous Wooden World Map by Enjoy The Wood

This product is the most upgraded version in 3D Wooden World Map. It features four new aspects - 18 new colors, luminescence effect, magnetic feature and new LED backlight!

The product features 18 new colors, the paint of which glows for up to 2 hours at night. We love how it holds magnets and you can decorate your memories over it. Materials used to manufacture the map are certified sustainable birch plywood. The map is available in different sizes and styles and is super easy to install.

DUEX Lite & DUEX Plus

An EXTRA laptop screen to watch March Madness.

DUEX Lite & DUEX Plus

Lightweight monitors that go along with any laptop to add a quick 2nd screen, fit for multipurpose use.

Duex is built to increase productivity, multi-tasking and facilitates efficient remote working. You can choose from display sizes of 12.5” and 13.3” from the models lite and plus. Duex lite is compatible with any laptop, while plus is compatible with laptops and Nintendo switch, and a couple of android phones.

With a couple of more features distinction, you can choose to get an extra screen for your laptop. Some of the common features for both models are they are fast, have new display modes, are light in weight, are energy-efficient, have magnetic dual sliding, have smaller footprints, eye care mode, hybrid signals, and much more.

The Couch Console

The couch console makes all your gaming sessions, perfect. 

The Couch Console

The couch console is packed in a light, compact, and modular pack.

This product features a self-balancing cup holder, snack holder, phone stand, charging dock, remote tray, and storage pocket. Playtime would no longer be clumsy, rather fun, just like it is meant to be. The tray secures your drinks, snacks, accessories, and console, perfectly balancing them, to prevent them from falling off.

The pack’s layout is not fixed, rather customized, where you can move the blocks as per your wish. Add on are charging plug, lifetime warranty, expandable tray, and it's eco friendly.

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