Technology is part of our life now, more than it has ever been. The rate at which we would continue to adopt technology in our everyday life is only going to grow exponentially. Technology has only ramped up our productivity and we can go a long way working smarter, than harder.

Tech EDC

EDC survival kits are a must today as well, but the notion of EDC essentials has somewhat transformed. We are more inclined towards including modern-day tech-infused gears in the kit. Traveler, creator, student, artist, hustler, or anyone, here are some tech EDC to make your days efficient.

iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Case Magsafe Quickstand Pro

The MagSafe compatible and quick stand features make the product stand out.

iPhone 12 / 12 Pro Case Magsafe Quickstand Pro

The case gives a snug fit that shields the phone from extreme hard drops and scratches.

The perfect quickstand for your iPhone 12 and 12 pro, this case is MagSafe wireless charging compatible. The magnetic case lets you safely and feasible plug your phone to charge, wirelessly, without having to uncover the case. This makes the case compatible and extremely useful. There’s more, the case comes with a handy quickstand that provides multiple viewing positions.

For an enhanced experience, the case is ergonomically built, so it provides a snap-fit and shields your phone from hard drops and scratches. Also, the edges are firmly raised beyond the screen area, which protects your screen and camera.

iPhone 11 Damda Glide Shield Sandstone

Made up of TPU material to provide extreme drop protection.

iPhone 11 Damda Glide Shield Sandstone

A case for your phone and cards, or some cash, and protects them with all its will.

The sandstone texture of the product makes the product a model. But, the features it provides makes it a Victoria Secret supermodel. The case is wireless charger compatible and works with most of the wireless chargers out there. There is a hidden compartment in the product which lets you store a card or say some cash.

The Wallet

This is a drop, scratch, and waterproof wallet, made for adventure.

Zenlet The Wallet

This high-class security mechanism wallet is made to store cards and comes with an RFID blocking card.

A stylish product, with slide-only access to store cards, is made with love from Taiwan. It is built-in with the amazing RFID technology, facilitating a blocking and boosting side, RFID blocking card included. One side of the RFID card blocks access to sensitive data of your cards, while the boosting side facilitates easy usage while using metros etc

You can secure the cards by stacking them in order, accessing them later with a tap. From a design facet, the product is minimalist, slip, sharp, and extremely lightweight. You can store at least 5 to 7 cards in this wallet which is also drop-proof, scratch-proof, waterproof, and highly recyclable.

Zenlet Cache

A product worth all the hype around cards and notes storage and organization.

Zenlet Cache

Limelight for the product is, it does not use any regular glue, but a nano micro-suction pad to adhere to flat surfaces.

Another product with the RFID mechanism, and comes in a cute dimension of 3mm. It is made up of a new type of polymer material and is loaded with special nano suction cups. These cups perfectly sit across many surfaces and can be reused on a new surface. It is sleek and has 2 pockets on either side, to store cards and money. The hidden space is meant for banknotes and is quite compact and avoids notes from falling. Though minimalistic, the product works wonders. 

AirTag Case Cover

A safe for your AirTag that ensures the safety of your Apple devices.

Airtag Case Cover

The heavy-duty carabiner that this case comes with makes it easy to carry your AirTag everywhere.

AirTag case has a luxurious design and rugged quality craftsmanship. This product is literally a charm for your high-quality tech product - AirTag. You can now protect your AirTag while also keeping it functional. The TPU that goes into the manufacturing resists any sort of damage and stains. Comes included a heavy-duty carabiner that aids the AirTag, making it travel-friendly.


A Taiwanese product made to disinfect masks, a shield for the pandemic.


A shield we need besides a mask; a case made with pure copper that works as a disinfectant for masks.

We finally have a product to store our new travel buddy from a while – masks. This case is made to safeguard you from the microbial that contaminates pockets, bags, and other belongings. This product is pro-technology in itself as it consists of the properties of anti-acid, anti-alkali, and heat resistance. Thanks to the copper layering in the maskase.

Use the product to store your mask, when not in use. The product is also tiny, which makes it easy for you to slip the case into your wallet, pocket, anywhere you please. Other properties of the maskase are water and dust resistance.

A Brownie Product - ToolCard

Jam Packed with 14 features, this product quietly slides into tight and tiny places such as a phone case.


Chisel, peeler, phone stand, screwdriver, bottle opener, ruler, letter knife, position wrench, compass, can & cartoon opener, sim card ejector. All these functions in one sleek stainless steel card. 

Though not infused with tech, this product can blow your mind with the utility options it has. The ToolCard, though a tiny product, comes in handy for 14 different situations. The looks of it may not seem as much, but it can be used as a bottle and can opener, screwdriver, chisel, mobile phone stand, comes with a sim card ejector, and much more, fascinating right!

Check the blog on ToolCard to learn about ToolCard’s function in detail – Modern Nomad’s Guide to Survival

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