The tool card is one of the hottest products for modern nomads to own, no doubt. The classy appeal of it is just as smooth as its functionality.

Tool card is a bomb, but only when you are well informed of the functionality. Because of its multitude of features, the tool card is a daunting tool but this guide will simplify and help you navigate how to use it.

Pocket Size Accessory Jam-Packed with Industrial Design and Fashion

Tool Card 14 Functions

A card, that is not essentially a card, but a tool with a host of features. A slim and compact size accessory for the modern nomad makes everyday operations easy-peasy. This everyday essential is the forefront of innovation, a showpiece for your desk, the right fit for your pocket, and a lifesaver gadget for your multipurpose need.


Tool Card peeler

For starters, this tool would be the companion for adventure junkies, always on the move. This quick-use innovative charm works as a peeler, literally. You can peel your favorite fruits, such as apples, and get decked up for your next adventure. For indoorsy use as well, this feature comes quite handy.  

Bottle Opener

Tool Card Bottle Opener

Fancy a quick drink? Well, just about any drink that comes with a crown cork would do good. The tool card has a bottle opener just above the sim card ejector tool, that opens any bottle with a crown cork. Sounds super accessible already.

Ruler and Compass For Inch and Cm

Tool Card Ruler and Compass

Get your engineer or architect caps on, as this tool card comes with a ruler for both inch and cm. You can quickly take measurements with this handy tool that does the job in just about seconds. The edges of the measurements have holes cutouts, so you can feasibly make the markings.

7-Position Wrench

Tool Card 7 Position Wrench

This tool card is indeed a true alternative to a hand tool kit. This tool offers 7 position wrench - M2/M3/M3.5/M4/M5/M6/M8 precisely. They are perfectly named in the card, and easily locatable towards the bottom of the card. You will find a 2 position wrench first, M2 and M3, just beneath which you would find the remaining 5 positions.

Screw Driver (Flat Head/Philips Head)

Tool Card Screwdriver

The next amazing function is a screw-driver. Located at one of the corners of the card, the screwdriver works perfectly with screws that need a flat head or philips head. Solid as a rock and slim as a blade, this tool card never disappoints

Carton Opener

Tool Card Cartoon Opener

We are hooked to online shopping and deliveries now, more than ever. Shopping or otherwise, we do come across a lot of cartons we need to open up. Hence, this tool card has another feature included, i.e. carton opener. The hook-like edge of the card lets you slice through any carton in seconds.

Letter Knife

The same carton opener can be used as a letter knife as well. The opener lets you open hard objects like a carton, and also sleek objects like paper and envelopes. 

Can Opener / Wire-Cutting Edge

Tool Card Can Opener

This feature is another multipurpose point of use, as the same area can be used to open a can, and also cut through a twine. The sharp edge lets you feasibly open a can, while the inner area lets you break through twine or cut a wire.

Tool Card Wire Cutter

Phone SIM Eject Tool Storage (ejector tool included)

Tool Card Sim Card Ejector Tool

A special compartment is catered for the iPhone SIM eject tool. The tool sits nicely in the area specifically curated for it. You do not get the compartment alone, the tool card comes with an eject tool included in the pack.


Tool Card Chisel

One of the narrow edges of the card is built as a chisel, which can eventually be used to carve or cut through hard materials such as wood, stone, or metal. 

Phone Stand

Tool Card Phone Stand

The convenient tool that can be turned into a phone stand, instantly. With just an extra assistance of a card, you can convert the tool card into a phone stand. Clamp the card through the line cutout just above the cm ruler and there you have, a clean stand that can hold your phone hands-free, sounds like a hack.

Carry instructions – Makes sure you keep this card tucked in your check-in baggage, on the go. This would keep the drawbacks from some country’s regulations, at the bay.

Zenlet Brand Story - A Perfect Blend Of Form & Function

The toolcard is a master stroke of the brand Zenlet. Zenlet is unlike any other regular class of brands that let designers over-gratified customer expectations empower them, for their mantra is simplicity. They believe the spark of simplicity is disregarded, which is exactly the need of the hour. Zenlet’s definition of simplicity is quality, friendly pricing, waste reduction, and user-friendly designs.

Zenlet is harmony between design and engineering. Their products are superior because they are simple, effective, and great to look at. Based out of Taiwan, Zenlet creates user-friendly designs infused with tech executed to perfection.

Tool Card as a Gifting Option

The perfect handout for a handyman. In an era that has modernized everything, and this modern nomad’s gear makes the perfect present. A tiny pocket accessory that comes handy for 14 different everyday needs.